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The next LCCSF meeting will be held at 7 PM, March 16, 2021 at Lafayette County Health Dept. basement, Lexington, MO 64067.

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This fund is established by Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 210, Section 210.861 and Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 67. Section 76.1775. The question passed on the Lafayette County April 2005 Ballot.


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Lafayette County Children's Services Fund

Lafayette County Dryer Annex

1106 Main Street

Lexington, MO 64067

Colby Dowell



Quarterly Report Filed

Tiffany Dehn, Children's Mental Health Coordinator presented the LCCSF Quarterly Report to the Lafayette County commissioners. The report detailed progress from each program, as various services continue to provide assistance to hundred of children in Lafayette County and their families.

CLICK HERE to download the Quarterly Report as a pdf document.


 House of Hope "The staff at House of Hope have been nothing short of a blessing for my family." "It's a wonderful resource for foster care and biological families." "From providing age appropriate activities for the children, to assisting the adult visitors, this program is top notch." CASA Paul looks forward to his forever happy home… He has been a foster child for 4 years, 3 months and 17 days. He is 15 years, 10 months old. He came into care (under age 11) due to self- harming. His biological mother refused to access mental health services for him. During an altercation with his mother, Paul had bite marks on his forehead. Mother showed a great lack of concern for his well-being. She, too, exhibited the need for mental health services. Over the years, Paul’s CASA volunteer has developed a most amazing, supportive relationship with him. She has visited him monthly in all 10 placements where he has received the mental health treatment he needs. She has participated in Family Support Team meetings on his behalf, constantly monitoring the services ordered given by the government. She has monitored the receipt of services by biological mother, so as to remedy the situation which removed Paul from his home originally. She has submitted succinct, reports to the Court regarding Paul’s best interest, chocked full of relevant facts gleaned from her observations and home visits. She encouraged and visited Paul when it came time for a trial home placement with his biological mother. When that failed, Paul’s CASA was the constant in his life. A CASA volunteer has the serious responsibility to speak for the child/teen and speak to the “Best Interests” of the child. Paul hit a crossroads in his young life, when he decided he no longer wanted contact with his biological mother. Hats off to his tenacious CASA volunteer, who listened, researched and spoke on his behalf in court. Hooray for the Court, who also listened to the CASA recommendations. An unusual order was granted, ceasing all visitation by mother with Paul. In what seemed to be a heartbeat, Paul’s behaviors improved immensely. His progress was so pronounced, he was removed from institutional care and placed in a foster home. This was a dream come true for Paul. Quite frankly, Paul’s CASA volunteer and all those involved with his situation would never have DREAMED what happened this year in open court for him. On the day of his regularly scheduled hearing, Paul’s foster mother accompanied him to court, along with his CASA volunteer. Foster mother spoke loud and clear that it would be her distinct pleasure to ADOPT almost 16-year-old, Paul. (A rare occurrence for foster children this age!) I wish you could have seen the twinkle in his eye and the smile on Paul’s face. If only you could have been there to see quiet and shy Paul, turn to his CASA volunteer, give her an unsolicited hug in open court and say, “I love YOU, Peggy!” Rules of confidentiality prohibit me from sharing the million dollar photo I took of Paul with CASA Peggy that happy day in court. But, I know this moment is etched in our memories forever. Now, the entire team of Children’s Division, Juvenile Officers, Guardian Ad Litem and CASA join Paul in looking forward to his forever happy home. Robin McGinnity Connelly…aka CASARobin
Success Stories from Funded Partners



When I first saw this young man he was 12 y/o and his parents were going through a difficult divorce. 12 year old with a history of behavior problems and was about to fail the 8th grade. When he came to the apt pt’s mother and father were concerned pt was having anger and behavior problems because of their divorce.


Based on the history, additional evaluations by pt’s current teachers and past teachers and parents, pt was diagnosed with ADHD and an Adjustment

reaction with disturbance of emotions and conduct. Parents agreed to family counseling and worked at improved coparenting skills.


Pt was started on a medication to address ADHD symptoms. His grades improved and he did not fail the 8th grade. He is now 14 y/o and doing very well in high school. Pt’s behaviors have improved in the home and in school. His parents continue to work on coparenting. His mother related the only issue now is his “teenage” attitude, unfortunately I don’t have a pill for that disorder!”


Alissa Karnes

Vice President of Northwest Operations



LCCSF Success Story

Prior to beginning the in-home parent training, 16 year old John had difficulty with

personal hygiene. John’s mother wanted him to be more independent and responsible for

completing his daily hygiene tasks. His parents voiced their concerns with the Autism

Specialist and decided to create a personal hygiene-based goal for the teenager to

achieve. From the in-home parent-training program, the parents learned new ways to help

John achieve his goal.


The autism specialist created “John’s Morning Routine Checklist”

with visuals in hopes that John would independently complete his daily hygiene tasks

(brushing teeth, brushing hair, putting on clean clothes, washing face). The provider and

parents used their knowledge from the autism-specific workshops to implement positive

reinforcement to motivate John to complete his list. John mentioned his favorite thing to

do is visit his grandparents, so the parents strategized and set up a positive reinforcement

system so when John completes his checklist for five consecutive days then he will be

rewarded with a trip to his grandparents house. With the help of the checklist and

prompting, John is becoming more independent and he is getting closer and closer to

achieving his goal.


Our Autism Specialist has met with Gary a few times now and working with him has

been very fun and pleasant. Gary has done a great job of concentrating on what he is

doing, even if it is something that is a little more difficult for him. Gary does a great job

of letting others know his wants. He has done a great job in letting his Autism Specialist

know what he would like to do during his free choice time. Gary has seemed to warm up

to the Autism Specialist nicely and quickly.

Lafayette County Children's Services Fund